WELCOME TO THE LAND OF STRAWBERRIES!!!! I am also known as Tatsuberry! XD I'm a strawberry so yeah!

I am highly obsessed with Fairy Tail so.....I'll still be taking requests so...yeah. Ask me anything really! :) I don't bite. You really don't need to be afraid. I recommend you see these blogs. They are my senpais; swiftdragon, Yuuba/Y-juba, Blamedorange, Blanania, Fairy-Mage, Kitasmeow, and so on. But I'd recommend them. :)

I have no regrets. XD I had this AU idea and I had to draw it! The drawing I was talking about my lovely orange queen, blamedorange! You guys can’t make me stop drawing these AUs!!!

And yeah. I got too lazy to completely make a perfect colored drawing! :P Not that my drawings ever turn out perfect. I’m their knight so yeah. XD

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    Good cause I need my helmet to get your OTPs! XD
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    blanania LOOK ;3;